Train and develop soft skills

Are you interested in Soft Skills and would like to integrate them into your practice?

Soft Skills are relational and human skills close to personality traits that are essential in professional life and that complement specialized skills and knowledges (Hard Skills). Each and every one of us acquires them partialy regardless of our professional or personal background.

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Today, however, Soft Skills training seems to be more naturally geared towards hig-qualified people.

The Erasmus+ « Soft skills » project is aiming at facilitating access to soft skills for people with low levels of qualification and/or with disabilities, in order to favour their vocational and even social inclusion and equal opportunities. Mastering a professional activity does not only require the implementation of technical skills specific to the job (hard skills), it also relies on soft skills.

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Our approach: to take into account the whole process of acquisition of Soft Skills. We developped numerous complementary materials which are accessible on this website for free.

In addition to these free materials, a digital platform called Zerobarrier, accessible for a fee. This platform will allow you to manage and track the process of Soft Skills acquisition.

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Who are we ?

It is within the framework of the European project "Soft Skills" co-financed by the Erasmus + program, that 9 European partners from France, Belgium, Spain, Austria and Slovenia have co-developped the materials that you will find on this website. These partners are active in the field of vocational training. Whether they are training centers, integration companies or adapted companies, they have an expertise in the training of people with a low level of qualification and/or a disability. Click on the logos to learn more about them.